Project Description

Detached container house

The detached container has advantage in installation and transport. 1. You only need the Wrench and screws during the install process. The forklift and crane is not required. All the materials are prefabricated in our factory and assembled in the construction site. 2. It is very economical for the transport. One 40HQ could load 15 units, and one 20GP could load 6 units.

It is very flexible in design, you may use it as basic module and also combine them together to get bigger and flexible space. It could built up to 2 floors. Detached container is widely used for serving Construction Site, Mining Site, Oil Field, Military, School, Refugee rescue, Personal use etc. It can serve as container hotel, container dormitory and container office, container hospitals, container schools, etc…

Standard Dimension:


Model:Detached container house
Size: 5950*3000*2800mm
Main steel frame:The thickness of main steel frame structure is 2.3mm.
Wall: 50mm EPS/Rock wool/Glass wool sandwich panel, 0.326mm color steel sheet
Roof: 0.476mm color steel plate for top board. 0.286mm color steel for ceiling board. 

100mm glass wool 

Floor: 15mm MGO board
Electricity: Optional standard
Container loading: 15 sets/1*40HQ; 6 sets/1*20GP

Basic structure:

Ready for shipping:

For detached container house, the loading of one 40HQ is 15 units, the loading of one 20GP is 6units.

Install process:

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