Project Description

Folded container house

Folding Container House, also called Foldable Container House, Collapsible Container House, Flexotel House, Mobile Container House, Portable Container Houses, refer to houses that are designed & manufactured as a Foldable Structure container-like house with windows and doors.

Such container houses are commonly used in construction sites, oil sites, mining sites as Engineer`s offices, also used for solider camps, refugee camps, government projects & school projects as offices, solider accommodation, employee accommodation, teacher`s office, engineers office, site offices, etc.

With 4 steps, you could get one house!

Sometimes used as rental houses, which are durable and easy to set up. Therefore, the container house is also known as the Disaster Relief Container or Resident Container.

Electric wires run inside ceiling & walls, including power inlet & lights. Sockets & Switch included. Fully Welded Top frame + truss & Bottom frame + supports ensure product strength!

Folding Container house features:


  1. Come as 1 completed set; FASTEST install in the world, cost-saving, time-saving , labor-saving and transportation convenient.
  2. Mobility: can move by Crane or Forklift.
  3. Electricity:

Standard in 1 unit included 2 sockets, 1 switch, 2 LED lights (220V/50Hz,GB or based on requirements);

  1. Wall & roof: water proof, corrosion-resistance, sound-insulating, heat-insulating;
  2. Environmental-friendly materials, can be folded & unfold. Can use for 15-25 years.

Main structure of foldable container house:

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