Project Description

HDPE toilet

HDPE Toilet,  Plastic Site Toilet, Movable Site Toilet, Site Chemical Toilets, Modular Portable Toilets, Economic Toilets and Site Toilets, refer to toilet stalls that are made from HDPE panels & installed with ventilation, door, plumbing, sanitary, sometimes also included clean water tanks & waste tanks.

Such portable toilets are commonly used in construction sites, oil sites, mining sites as workers’ toilets, site showers, also used for solider camps, government projects & school projects as temporary site toilets & bathrooms.

Sometimes used as rental toilets or public toilets at rural areas, which are easy to set up & transport. Therefore, the portable toilet is famous in plenty of areas.


1). Fast & easy to assemble.
2). Environmentally friendly.
3). Safe and weather resistant.
4). UV-resistant. Can be used under sunshine for more than 10 years.
5). Different color options.
6). Big waste tank and water storage tank.


Material:twin-sheeted plastic.
Toilet type:seated or squat toilet pan
Independent Capacity:200L
Waste holding tank Capacity:390L
Hand washing facility?YES
Urinal?As per order
Shower?As per order
Transportation:22 units/20GP; 55 units/40HQ.
Accessories:Toilet bowl; Foot pumps; Washing basin; Water tap; Ventilation pipe; Skid feet.

Optional soap dispenser; Optional toilet paper roller; Optional Valve; and etc.

Packing & Shipping

  1. All products are designed to be shipped disassembly.
  2. Packing method is bubble paper with plastic film.
  3. One 20ft container can fit 30 disassembled units; one 40ft container can fit 60 units; one 40HQ container can fit 70 units.

The parts of the HDPE toilet:

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