We are a company that are focused solely on bringing innovation and design to the construction industry; with our array of products and services that aim towards the manufacturing, marketing and construction of prefabricated units, we are innovators in the industry.

With an array of top-of-the-line construction of prefabricated buildings such as houses, offices, apartments, canteens, toilet & shower, guard houses, fence, hospital, portable and HDPEs, etc. we know how it’s done, how to do it quickly and how to do it efficiently.

Because of our experience in the field, we have developed some of the most high-end facilities in terms of container houses and supporting structures through the use of Flat Pack Containers, Detachable Containers, Foldable houses, and HDPE portable toilets.

Excellence, measurable performance and efficiency has allowed our eco-friendly solutions to be implemented world-wide in different construction industries, including Mining Sites, Oil Fields, Military setups, Schools, refugee camps, personal housing and more.

We have been in this industry for over 6 years now and have been evolving as well as leading this industry through innovation & efficiency of design.

Whether it is up-to-date modern and tasteful design, or it is the excellent manufacturing and top-quality production of long-lasting detachable units, we have excelled in this field.

Our production line has 3 different, top of the line factories for Container houses, portable toilets & guard houses and raw materials, we are constantly innovating and making our process eco-friendly as well as more efficient.

A Focus on Innovation, eco-friendliness and top-tier detached solutions for construction, we are at the frontlines of modernization

With our experience in the industry, we have created long-term clients and are constantly striking new deals with big companies for detached solutions; successfully serving hundreds of clients over the years, we know how to keep up in this emerging industry and create solutions that save money, provide efficiency and innovation that is unmatched in the current market.

We are manufacturers based in the Foshan City with a 20,000 Sqm factory in China .


Q1. How can I order your product & services?

Working with our teams is modern and hassle-free, you can provide us with drawings or blueprints and we can design your prefab unit to your requirements. If in case you are unsure which kind of end-product you require, our design team will get in contact with you and help you with the designing process. Through Efficient communication, we can easily make your prefabricated unit the way you want it.

Q2. Which factors are important to consider in prefab housing?

  • Weather conditions – What is the local climate of your area? Will the prefab unit be in the rain or snow? Is there harsh sun, dryness, high moisture? Possibility of Earthquakes, hailstorms, intense rains? These are the typical things you need to be worried about
  • The size of the land
  • Type of building

Q3. What are the materials option for the thermal insulation?

  • corrugated steel sheet, thickness 0.426mm, 0.376mm
  • thermal insulation material-EPS sandwich panel, glass wool sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel, sandwich panel.

Q4. How do you control your product quality?

We have the QC during the whole process of production. From material inspection, production process and package inspection before shipping. Quality is priority for us!