Dethatched Container is a highly flexible solution for a building which is not only inexpensive but can be scaled up to building block.

The hospital not only helped stop the rate of infections as well as death all over china, but it also showed the ingenuity and innovation that comes with having such an “elastic” solution to building problems.

If needed, the whole container system can be disassembled and taken away in a few days, shows how amazing this technology is.

Flat pack contaieners are stable and can be assembled in almost no time. Not only does it come with electricity pre-installed at the top, it has many advantages. They are used to create pre-fab hospital and fast clinics and have ton more advantages:

Why are Detached containers more economical than Flat Pack containers?

These containers have a very flexible dimension; you can adjust the containers according to your needs. The standard size is 3000*5950*2800. You can get your container fitted to any scale that you desire.

  • Transportation is extremely economical; 15 standard sets can be transported in one 40HQ
  • There is no need for cranes in the construction process; all you need are bolts
  • More economical than flat pack containers

1.     Easier to transport and put together

Detached containers can be easily transported, and you can fit multiple of them in the same space a single Flat Pack container takes; logistics-wise, this solution cuts down the cost of transportation which ends up tricking back to the customer.

2.     Can be easily put together

The basics of the container is a supporting structure that can be put together using basic tools and a forklift; it’s easy enough for a person to do it themselves and effective enough to be scaled up to a modern 4-bedroom home.

3.     Scalability and versatility

Scalability-wise, this solution takes the cake for innovation and effectiveness in the building world. You are given Lego to build the house of your dreams, you can start with a single container and add more later down the line.

You can essentially end up with a two-story house with multiple bedrooms at the fraction of the cost.

4.     Much more freedom of customizations

Customization is one of the main advantages of getting detached containers. Since you’re given an empty shell that you put together yourself, you can do things in a much more customizable way. You’re given the choice to create your own home without worrying about messing anything up; since you can always replace it later down the road.

Conclusively, this technology is making waves throughout the world and we are only seeing this flexible solution enter the market in an eco-friendly and non-invasive way.