could last you a long time; with a guarantee of 20-years of life, flat pack containers are prefabricated building units where the base and the top part are prefabricated. The electricity and electronics are added from the top part of the prefabrication.

Flat Pack Containers are not only quickly deployable but they are inexpensive, extremely durable and can be customizable to the customer requirements. These can be used for fast build hospitals, fast build clinics, disaster house as well as Earthquake houses that will last a life time.

The way China dealt with COVID-19 was through the use of Flat Pack containers, why? Well, consider the fact that China built a 645,000 sq foot hospital in just 10 days, speaks at how amazing this solution is.

How China used Flat Pack containers to build a hospital in 10 days

This technology isn’t new, but it’s getting highlighted in the media sparingly. The reason behind it is that you can use multiple packs at the same time, instead of having to start building from the ground up and waiting for things to cure.

Consider the Flat Pack as Lego, you can link together a Lego on top of a larger Lego piece and also add multiple pieces of Legos together at the same time. Same goes with the Flat Pack containers; construction is done by linking together multiple Flat Pack containers at once and linking together with other containers with it.

This not only makes construction lightning-quick but also allows for disassembly, upgrades, modifications and removals without moving too many things around.

We built the Xiao tang shan hospital with the help of K-house and the first generation of Pre-fabricated housing. Now, flat Pack containers are used by the government instead of K-house because they are even more reliable, easier to deploy and even more durable than first-gen pre-fab houses.

Why Flat Pack containers are making waves in the construction industry

These container houses are easy to build. There are no restrictions on size and scale. All you need to do is turn the container into a large hospital or beautiful prefabricated building on schedule.

In addition to giving freedom, you can take it home. Flat packaging containers are small and light. You can move freely across the country.

It can withstand any harsh environment, even earthquakes or hurricanes. It can safely withstand strong winds of 100 to 175 miles per hour. Also, it does not collapse when an earthquake occurs. Therefore, flat packaging containers are the safest container for any disaster.

The container is made of galvanized steel and has high insect resistance. The internal frame is steel, and termites cannot penetrate it. Termites can damage woody structures but fail to gain structural integrity.

At the end of the day, you’re looking at an eco-friendly, durable and long-lasting solution for any building project you throw at it with a fraction of the time it takes to build buildings from the ground up. It is no surprise China decided to use this technology in its fight against COVID-19.