China’s fight against the Corona told us a lot about Chinese ingenuity. With two new hospitals built in as little as ten days, the world has witnessed the efficiency of Chinese construction.

Corona Virus, formally known as COVID-19, is a new breed of the virus which has already affected close to 210 million people throughout the world and caused close to 140,000 deaths.

China has sent more than 30,000 medical personnel to Hubei, of which about two-thirds have been sent to Wuhan. Chinese health officials say that 10% of intensive care medical staff in China are currently dispatched to Wuhan to fight the virus.

Wuhan has also designated 46 hospitals to treat confirmed cases of corona virus and is vying to switch other locations to medical facilities. The Lei shen shan hospital was one of those hospitals and could store over 1,600 Corona Virus patients.

We have helped China’s fight against the corona virus by sending 500 units of flat pack containers to the Lei Shen Shan hospital. The hospital took a total of 3,000 flat pack containers, which is remarkable for the scale of the hospital.

We have been in the fighting edge of this pandemic; through offering flat pack containers to build isolated clinics in Shenzen, Guangxi, Shanxi, etc.

Fast hospitals were required, and we have been providing two of our work lines to create flat pack containers which can provide up to 200 units of them every day.

Our workers have been fighting against time and their own health to provide Wuhan and the whole of china flat pack containers by taking day and night shifts in order to complete the required flat-pack containers.

Not only have they not enjoyed a single second of the Spring holiday, but we have been providing China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co Ltd flat pack containers that have helped build the Lei Shen Shan hospital and other government relief efforts.

Currently, there are no field hospitals in Wuhan; however, acting quickly allowed them to construct the vital hospitals that were required to help stop the spread of the virus and treat the affected patients.

The makeshift hospital that was completed in 10 days is a 645,500 square foot medical facility that has several isolation wards and close to 30 ICUs. With over 1,000 beds, this hospital has been in the leading front to fight the virus.

Prefabricated units were used to create the building so quickly and at such a fast speed. The way they designed the building was instead of building up from the foundation. They started with the structure of the building that was already prefabricated. Instead of having to build sequentially, using prefabricated units allowed them to construct the building in parallel; that is, adding different parts of the building at the same time.

With a large enough workforce, a whole building, the size of this hospital can be built even faster, which shows the power of prefabricated units.

Think of this as Lego blocks that just snap together in place, instead of you having to glue in individual pieces together; 7,500 construction workers worked around the clock to get this task done, and it took them just 10 days to create this behemoth hospital.

Corona Virus is a typical example of how fast a virus can spread among humans and how deeply it affects the whole world.

Through our help, we have made fast built clinics and hospitals possible and with the help of our workers, we want to see China and the world, free from COVID-19.

With around 800 Million people isolated inside their home, the Chinese government is doing something that most governments would not do. The transmission of the disease can both be halted or accelerated; with more people in even more concentrated areas (such as houses; apartments), the virus can spread even more rapidly.

On the other hand, the virus’s spread can be halted since people are confined to certain smaller areas.

Conclusively, the virus has made its name all over the news and has caused mass panic across the globe. The only way to stop this virus as of now is precaution and time.